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Site Changes

I’ve been working a lot on this project and have decided to expand the scope to include our refugee friends. So that means another R: IRRSA Network. I’m migrating the site’s address to and once everything has been transfered this address will be deleted. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.



Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’m still getting this off the ground and have huge exciting plans for where this is going to go. Good things happening in the background and I look forward to when I can move them to the fore.

News of the Day: 3/22/17

Here are some of today’s headlines in regards to deportation news:

Concentration Camps

Large numbers of political prisoners being housed in for-profit prisons, often doing unpaid slave labor. It’s time we call these things what they are: concentration camps and gulags. Here’s another depressing article entitled: Privately run immigration detention is so violent that prisoners beg to be kept in solitary.

A Bit of Good News!

We are happy to learn that Daniela Vargas has been released by ICE!

Hungary to Deport Asylum Seekers in Shipping Containers

In a disgusting further denial of the humanity of our planet’s individuals most in need of compassion, Hungary is drafting a plan to deport asylum seekers in shipping containers.

Read more about this plan here.

US Military Veteran Deported

I’m starting up this webpage to be a resource for people who have been deported from America after spending most their lives here. More on that later, but for now, this is the sort of insanity which is leading to this site: